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WPPI 2013 {Photo Shoot at Red Rock Canyon}

In March, I went to a photography conference in Vegas called WPPI or Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. It is a week long conference with all the best photographers around the world. There are amazing speakers and you meet tons of new people. I was able to go for a few days and it was a great experience! I would definitely recommend going if you haven't. My trip was cut short compared to the other photographers I went with, but it was better than not going at all! I loved getting to know the other photographers from Kansas City that I went with. 

Here's kind of an overview of what I would have done differently and/or tips for next year.

1. Schedule a shoot out. There are lots of shoot outs during the week of WPPI. I hesitated and didn't end up booking one because I was not there for very long. Next year I plan on going to one...possibly the Seniorologie shoot out!
2. Make new friends. I wish I would have branched out and got to know photographers from other parts of the country.
3. Go to the best parties. Unfortunately, I missed most of the big parties because I left early. Next year I will definitely not be missing them.
4. Sign up for a Master Class. For the most part, I'm glad I didn't sign up for one this year just because I didn't have time for it. But next year, I'd love to get more classroom interaction in a smaller setting with some of the awesome teachers.
5. Shop for new clothes and plan what you are going to wear. I didn't know what to bring to wear and since I just had a baby not much of my clothing fits. I wish I would have bought nicer/cuter clothes to wear.
6. Rest/Relax one of the days. I am so sad I didn't get to relax one of the days at the pool. It would have been nice as it was go go all day with classes and the trade show.
7. Spend lots of time at the expo looking at products and talking to companies. It's a lot easier to decide what album company to use if you get to see their albums in person. You will also get lots of samples to keep.
8. Research who will be speaking at each expo booth. I learned even more when I went to some of these smaller talks. So if you can't make it to the speaker's regular class, it's likely they will be talking about the same thing at a booth during the expo.
9. Leave room in your bag to bring back expo goodies and new toys. I had hardly any room in my suitcase. I had to sit on it to get it closed because I bought a new UndFind camera bag and had all the expo papers in there. Next time, I'll pack more lightly or bring an extra bag.

I'm sure there are a lot more tips from other photographers, so do some research before you head to WPPI next year.

For now, I'll leave you with some photos of my fellow Kansas City Photographers that I took at Red Rock Canyon in Las Vegas, NV.


Gretchen Fawn Photography said...

Good tips! Looks like a wonderful time and I bet it will be even better next time. How far is it to the canyon? Did you have to rent a car?

Mark Martinez Photography said...

Stunning shots Erin! Gorgeous light and beautiful compositions!

Yasmin Sarai said...

Haven't been able to attend WPPI yet, but when I do these will certainly be helpful tips! Great images Erin! The desert looks magical!

Jenn Gaudreau said...

Erin, your portraiture is stunning. You totally rocked both natural light and OCF- impressive. Looks like you made up for not doing a shootout!! I agree on staying with people your own age. The first year I didn't and it wasn't until year 2 that I really met a ton of people and walked away with the most incredible experiences. 2014 WPPI watch out for Erin Leigh!

Stefanie said...

I've never been but I'm glad to read your advice :) You brought back some nice photos with you!

jenn of hello inspira said...

these are lovely, erin! i didnt go shoot out either, something to look forward to next year!

Erin said...

Thanks everyone! We rented a limo for about 15 people from the Kansas City Area. I'd say Red Rock was about 20 minutes from the strip or so.

Jete Devisser said...

I want to go so bad!! I'm definitely putting that trip into my budget for next year. Love the tips, and your canyon shots are amazing!!!

Michelle S Hanks said...

What nice head (and body) shots of all of you. The advice is good and you are right, if we want to go next year, read lots of other blogs about what folks experienced this year. Thanks.

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